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Monday, June 11, 2012

Voter ID

Jeffrey Ellis at The Thinker has it nailed, in my view:

What is the real motivation behind opposition to voter ID laws?

I don’t normally like to speculate on a person’s or group’s motivations, because it can lead to violating the principle of reciprocity and imputing bad motivations on someone. I will just note that leftists claim it is discriminatory towards the poor, and towards minorities in particular, to require a photo ID in order to vote, but we don’t hear them making similar complaints when it comes to requiring a photo ID to buy alcohol, to buy a gun, to travel internationally, or to do about a hundred other things a photo ID is required for. The only time they are concerned about photo ID’s being discriminatory is when it comes to voting. This makes me wonder if it’s really the votes, and not discrimination, that they are concerned about.
Makes sense to me.  After all, the Justice Department hasn't eliminated the requirement to show ID to enter their building.  Does that discriminate against those who want justice from the government but don't have ID?  And if it does, shouldn't that have be an even higher priority than voting?  Because a key role of government is to protect its citizens through the rule of law.

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