Day By Day

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Another break for the OC.  However, the deteriorating condition of the world lately has driven me back to the keyboard.  I know....each year of the Obama presidency we say "How could it get worse?" And The Man never lets us down.  He makes it worse.  Thank God Israel doesn't have a Jewish Obama in charge there.

Anyhow, from Andrew Klavan come these great words:
Fifty-six percent of American women voted for Obama’s reelection, for instance. And today, because of the president’s perfidious surrender of W’s Iraq victory (which closed down the “rape rooms” of Saddam Hussein) women in Iraq are being sold into slavery — sold into slavery — by the Islamist monsters who have taken up the power vacuum Obama left behind. But don’t worry, Iraqi slave ladies. American women have your back and are, even as you are being sold, taking to the streets to protest the fact that Hobby Lobby won’t pick up the check for some of their birth control.