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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Teddy's dead rabbit??

In some ways, it's great to have Teddy Kennedy around. He's a never ending source of amusement. His presence in the US Senate helps to show exactly what the moonbats are thinking, or not thinking, these days.

Fresh off another stellar performance (the Alito hearings), and his membership in the Owl Club, comes word that Teddy may have another skeleton in his closet. Though, unlike a skeleton, this one is alive. From the Boston Herald:

The National Enquirer splashes this week with a shocking story about Sen. Ted Kennedy’s secret love child with a Cape Cod woman whom the mag says he dated during his days as a swinging single.

According to the tabloid’s source, the boy, named Christopher, just celebrated his 21st birthday and is “mature enough to make his own choices about his background and biological father.”

A Kennedy family confidante told the Enquirer, “This is one of the biggest secrets in the Kennedy family and known to only a few people including Ted’s ex-wife, Joan.”
Now, it is the Enquirer, but they've got a pretty good track record lately. And unlike some other tabloid stories that I've noticed while standing in the supermarket checkout line, this one has that gut-feeling aura of being the truth.

Judge the story for yourself. Hat tip to Wizbang.

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