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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Learning not to be a soft touch

I have a friend who ran a tavern. Over the years, he was one of the biggest soft-touches I've ever met. If you didn't have money for a drink, he'd buy you one. Short of cash -- you got a $10 or $20 to tide you over. He would hire people to work for him who robbed him blind, but it was "helping them out". Guess what. He's now the one without a business, and in debt because of all of his "kindness". Turned out that people learned to use him. And being the good ol' liberal that he is, it was more important to do "good" -- and he felt good about doing that.

The same thing is happening in the Middle East. Take a read of this story on Captain's Quarters. Germany and Italy have become the "soft touches" in Europe. Hopefully they will learn faster than my friend did.

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