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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Kingfish would be proud

Well, it's nice to see that Louisiana is getting back to normal. There was a large New Year's Eve celebration, and plans are underway for Mardi Gras. Another sign that normality is returning to the Bayou State is news out of Baton Rouge regarding that true, decisive leader, Governor Kathleen Blanco.

Seems that Blanco has spent over half a million dollars for office renovations for her and her staff - AFTER hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Once again the politicians of Louisiana have made sure that THEY can always find some other sucker to pay for the finer things in life. In this case, that includes granite countertops and walnut paneling.

Will the good citizens of Louisiana remember this come election time? Hopefully some honest members of the Third and Fourth Estates will remind them.

Get the details at this Baton Rouge Newspaper site.

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