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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paging Homeland Security

With summer approaching, it's time to raise the threat level.  This report comes from Sacramento:
Researchers found that when uric acid—a compound in our urine—combines with chlorine, the result is two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts.

“Not only do you make a nerve toxin, you make another toxin that’s known to be tear gas,” he said.

You heard him right: You pee in a pool, and you essentially turn it into a weapon of mass destruction.
Maybe Saddam Hussein was peeing in his swimming pools.
“It’s been noticed that lifeguards, avid swimmers have had sickness, nausea and essentially all of the symptoms you would expect to get from a nerve agent,” he said.

Those chemicals can also potentially affect the lungs, heart, central nervous system and other organs.

It’s worth noting that one in five American adults admit to peeing in a public pool.
Will Homeland Security now dispatch the TSA to squeeze your junk to make sure you aren't carrying ingredients for a WMD?  Will you now need a federal license to build a swimming pool in your back yard?  Will drones be spying to make sure there is no stealth peeing?

One thing is for sure....if we close urban swimming pools because of the perceived threat, it will be racist.

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