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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Paging 007

It's not always politics here at the OC.  Today comes word from the UK.

London (AFP) - British spies are to be given a "licence to speed", allowing the likes of James Bond to drive fast with impunity in the name of national security.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill was to announce the motoring law changes on Monday, which will hand spooks the same exemption as the police, fire service and ambulance drivers.

Officers in the MI5 and MI6 domestic and foreign intelligence agencies will be able to break the speed limit on surveillance and covert operations once they have completed a training course in high-speed driving.

So, does that mean that 007 was breaking the law in all of those car chases we've seen over the last 50 years??

I can picture it now.  As Bond is pulled over to the side of the motorway by a motorcycle cop, he fumbles through his wallet muttering: "Let's see.....license to kill, license to womanize, license to drink, ah here it is", and with a flourish he pulls out "license to speed".

I guess our Congress thinks their pockets have a "license to ignore the American people".

H/T to Yahoo News.

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