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Sunday, December 08, 2013


An excellent post on the latest deception from the White House.

This is a new made-up TOTUS phrase, a rhetorical squirrel, used to attempt to imbue their flawed and failing product with the characteristics of one they wish they had. In the instant circumstance, Obama touted to be like Travelocity. Let’s see how they stack up.

If people logged onto Travelocity and after a couple days were able to create an account — after filling out a paper application, and after calling a 1-900 number, then they are very similar.

After hours/weeks/months you then get to go shopping. If Travelocity only showed some of the available hotel rooms, and only to some of the account holders, it wouldn’t last long. If 30% of the people who booked a hotel room on Travelocity arrived at their destination and the hotel had no record of the reservation, their business model would collapse. If Travelocity didn’t bother to create payment and subsidy systems, and allowed the hotels to calculate estimated payments from the government, and had no mechanism at all to take payments for hotel rooms, they would go out of business with private sector velocity.

If Travelocity compelled people to reveal all of their pertinent information, and then created a website that was an abject security nightmare and failure, Travelocity would have multiple class action suits filed with private sector velocity. Fortunately, the Feds in ObamaCare have no legal obligation to inform you that they failed to even try to secure your personal info.

Private sector velocity is a SQUIRREL lie they are trying to sell. Does Travelocity have a tortious interference claim against Teh One? 
Stolen in its entirety from Patterico's Pontifications.  An excellent blog, worth visiting directly.  You can also find it in the sidebar blogroll.

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