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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Good riddance!!

Well....hell froze over today, but only in one small spot of the liberal universe.  Martin Bashir, of MSNBC ilk, has resigned.  About time, but unfortunately, it's not enough given the liberal pantheon of hate.

From Howard Kurtz at Fox:

Bashir had already apologized for what he called "offensive" comments about the former Alaska governor, whom he also called an "idiot" and "dunce." He told viewers in a scripted commentary last month that someone should defecate in Palin's mouth. He was invoking an old slave punishment in response to a speech by Palin, a Fox News contributor, comparing the national debt to slavery.

You's ok for liberals to slam conservatives.  How many times was there the "Bushitler" reference?  The calls for Cheney to die of a heart attack?  The slurs and insulting characterizations of Palin?

But that all acceptable.  These are the right people, attacking those evil Republicans.  They are on the side of compassion and understanding.  Except for when they are the ones casting the hate.

Bashir took off two weeks for what was billed as a vacation, and criticism mounted as MSNBC took no disciplinary action against him, even as it booted Alec Baldwin over an alleged anti-gay slur hurled at a photographer. In retrospect, it's clear that by failing to suspend Bashir, MSNBC allowed public pressure to build to the point where the only way to control the damage was to sever its relationship with the British journalist.
Baldwin was an easy one to toss under the bus.  He had violated the rule of speaking ill of one of the Democrat's protected classes.  And he wasn't really a "journalist".  But by skating on Bashir, the hypocrisy over the double standard was too easy to juxtapose.  Attack gays -- get canned.  Attack Palin -- well, take a vacation.

Further, look what it took to get MSNBC to take action.  It wasn't the "idiot" or "dunce".  It was only when Bashir got scatalogical did he cross the MSNBC "line".  Shouldn't that line be much closer to the center?

So, MSNBC cleans its gene pool a bit.  The only question is whether they will now take a stand when the race-baiting Al Sharpton crosses the line.   Along with the others on their payroll.  My bet is that the word has gone out -- keep up the slanderous attacks, but stop short of human waste.

Which is kind of ironic since much of the output at MSNBC is just that.

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