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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Fraud, you say....

People have been saying that the lies told by Obama would be criminal fraud if done by someone in the private sector.  Buf for our anointed one, it's just standard procedure.

Now, we have word about other fraud in Obamacare.  From NRO's The Corner comes this:

While the Obama administration looks to put’s woes behind it, another one of the health-care law’s key aspects could pose the latest problem for its supporters. A report by the Treasury Department’s inspector general found that the law’s health-care subsidies may be susceptible to fraud.

According to the report, problems will likely arise as recipients claim the subsidies on their 2014 tax returns. To address this issue, the IRS must improve its current system and controls for preventing fraud.
Yep....those wonderful folks at the IRS, who will impose the "tax" for the mandate, now have one more thing to deal with.

Simply marvelous, as we used to say.

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