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Friday, December 06, 2013


Somehow the OC managed to miss a historic anniversary yesterday.  Nope, not the one with Mrs. OC.  It was something even more significant.

December 5, 2013 was the 80th anniversary of the effective date of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution.  Which, for the non-constitutional scholars in the audience, repealed the 18th Amendment.  Which established Prohibition.

Prohibition created many things, but they didn't include clean living for all Americans.  It created organized crime on a scale never before seen.  It created a nation of scofflaws.  It created a culture of corruption.  Sorta like an early version of the Obama administration.

You see, it was all an attempt by do-gooders to control the lives of Americans.  They knew better.  They knew what was good for the "people" and they sold it to the unsuspecting rubes.  Sorta like Obamacare.  (Are we detecting a theme?)

In any case, here are two photos stolen from Powerline.  Myself - it will be a "wee dram" of a fine whiskey tonight to belatedly toast the eventual wisdom of the American people.  Maybe today's America will wake up just like they did in 1933.

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