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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving advice

Steven Hayward at Powerline submitted some Thanksgiving tips to the Wall Street Journal.  He also posted them at Powerline.  An excerpt:

Thanksgiving presents a tough choice.  Should you cook the turkey on a rotisserie grill, or should you deep-fry it?  Forget the barbaric oven, but if it’s all you have, give yourself a fighting chance and cook the turkey upside-down–that is on a V-rack with the breast side down, so that the white meat doesn’t dry out so badly.  (Wait: can we actually still say “white meat,” or is that racist?)
 That last parenthetical comment is just part of why I love reading Hayward.  He also wrote:
 My favorite Thanksgiving recipe involves lightly rinsing the chilled glass first with Vermouth. . .  oh, wait, that’s an everyday recipe.  Never mind.
 Read the whole thing HERE.

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