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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doing the Right Thing

Most of the time, the OC points out the stupidity and corruption of our governmental "leaders".  But every now and then, I'm happy to point out when old-fashioned common sense prevails.

Take this story from Georgia.  In the city of McDonough, between Atlanta and Macon, a hot-dog restaurant was cited for "code violations" for flying flags that honor the branches of our military.  However, there is a happy ending, or at least a move towards one.
City Administrator Frederick Gardiner reportedly was unaware that CJ’s was cited and later told Miller (OC note: the owner) that he’s asking for the citation to be voided. Gardiner says the ordinance classifying flags as signs is too vague and should be rewritten.
 Could rational law be making a comeback?

H/T to Fox News.

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