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Monday, July 02, 2012

Fauxcahontas update

With all that's been going around elsewhere, it's easy to lose sight of our favorite red-skin (or would that be Crimson-skin).  Anyhow, the good folks at Breitbart haven't forgotten Liawatha.
Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes has caught Elizabeth Warren in yet another lie about her false claims of Native American heritage.

When Elizabeth Warren's "Aunt Bea," Bess A. Reed Veneck, died in 1999 at the age of 98, Ms. Warren was listed as the "informant" on the death certificate that identified Aunt Bea as White. Line 14 of the death certificate allowed the informant to specificy the race of the deceased. Presented with the option of selecting  "American Indian," "Black," or "White," Ms. Warren chose to identify Aunt Bea's race as White.
You see, it's OK if a Democrat changes their story.  That's "evolving".  Look at our president and his composite biography.  Whatever fits the narrative, well, that's the new truth.

If only Warren has just fessed up in the first place.  But it's never the deed, it's the coverup.  Just ask Eric Holder.

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