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Friday, June 01, 2012

Why it matters

Mike Flynn of Breitbart explains just why the Elizabeth Warren story matters.
First, this bears repeating: Elizabeth Warren was trumpeted by Obama and the political left as the absolute best person to police practices in the financial services industry. She was the 'cop on the beat' to ensure banks were completely transparent in their affairs and made all the proper and full disclosures to consumers. But, she can't even keep her own bio straight.

Since the news of Warren's claim to Native American ancestry first broke a month ago, the political world has been on a roller coaster of changing stories and dissembling explanations. Warren's initial response was that she was completely unaware that Harvard had listed her as a "minority" law professor until she read the first news report. It would take a complete post to review every twist and turn in Warren's story. Simply read the excellent work of Michael Patrick Leahy for the best record of the burgeoning political soap opera.

Again, these are the people who believe that they are your betters.  The one who can lead and protect you.  The ones who know the most, and know what's best.  Yet again and again, they are shown to be self-absorbed and concerned only for what advances their power.

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