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Friday, June 01, 2012

Son of Santelli?

Three years ago, Rick Santelli had his famous rant from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.  Here's a trip down memory lane.

Now comes a rant from the floor of the Illinois state House of Representatives in Springfield.  Representative Mike Bost let loose during a "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" moment.

Long time Democratic power boss, Speaker Mike Madigan, had introduced a "pension reform" bill into the house in the morning.  It passed a quick committee vote and was then rushed to the floor of the Illinois House.  Bost objected to the "business as usual" tactic of ramming bills through the legislature without giving legislators time to digest what they were going to vote on.  This particular bill was several hundred pages long.

First Santelli, now Bost.  Maybe there's something in the water back there.  Whatever it is, I'd love to bottle it and give it every Republican in America.

Hat tip to The Blaze.

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