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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Let them eat.....with us!!

Growing up, Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's meant that there was the adult's table and the children's table.  We have a similar theme with the Obama's.

A new video ad was released touting the latest contest to spend time with The One.  Can one say unctuous?  Even Juan Williams slammed it on Fox News Sunday.

“That was hilarious. That looks like a parody. It looked like the Romney Campaign planted Dr. Evil in the House of Obama. And, he said, you know, on the day the grim job numbers come out, let’s have someone who reeks of ornamental excess announce that the peasants can have a place at the table. It’s just unbelievable.”

For those with a strong stomach, here's the Obama ad.  Sure makes me want to spend an evening with these folks.  I'd better be sure to have my invitation in hand or I'll be shunted off to the servant's entrance.

And that Obama 2012 scarf!!  To say nothing about that hip, urbane introduction.  Nothing flyover here, you hayseeds.

You see....they are better than the rest of us.  And they'll show their compassion by sharing some bread with you.

Thanks to the Gateway Pundit.

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