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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Imagine Biden

Vice President (and fabulist in waiting) Joe Biden gave a graduation speech to a high school in Florida on Monday.  This report is just so good, I have to repost it in full.  Remember, this is the Vice President of the United States speaking.  The man who's a heartbeat away, as they say.– Vice President Joe Biden told the graduating seniors of Cypress Bay High School in Florida today that they should imagine a world where hunger no longer exists because crops grow without the need of soil, water or fertilizer.

That world will soon be here, Biden told the students. The vice president also said to dream of charging stations for electric cars at local high schools, "solar shingles" on the roofs of their homes--and an end to nuclear weapons.

“That’s my simple advice to you today: Imagine,” Biden said.  “Imagine the progress you will see and achieve in your lifetime.   Imagine the breakthroughs that are on the horizon and just beyond it.

“Imagine by the time you’re in the position to buy your first home, putting a roof of solar shingles that will cost no more than today’s ordinary shingles, will be able to power your home, heating, cooling, running appliances at a fraction of the cost your parents pay today,” he said.

Biden then highlighted advances in modern medicine that are “just around the corner,” from regenerating body organs to a cure for cancer.

“Imagine a day, when in your, doctors are able to regenerate entire body parts and limbs that have been damaged and lost, not only saving tens of thousands of lives, but restoring the thousands of  our Iraq and Afghan veterans coming back in need of prostheses, so they will be able to live a full and ambulatory life.”

“As an aside, in the future, just one example, using 3-D printers, we’re going to be able to restore tissue after traumatic injury or burn; restore it back to its original state. It’s literally around the corner.

“Imagine a world in which hunger is vanquished by crops that don’t depend on the soil, water or fertilizer, or pesticides to thrive; they’re just around the corner,” he said.

“Imagine famine being a memory and with it the end of so much war and conflict that plagues so many parts of the world.”

Biden continued:  “Imagine a world in which nations no longer depend on nuclear weapons for their defense and imagine the day when the lightweight materials, cleaner fuels, advanced engines simultaneously make our air cleaner allowing us to go the equivalent of hundreds of miles to the gallon and maybe most importantly freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil and all that entails foreign nation.”

“And imagine when your senior spots are all charging stations, powering up cars that can go hundreds of miles on a single charge,” he said.

Cypress Bay High School is located in Weston, Fla., 30 miles outside of Miami.
Let's see....crops that don't need water.  How does that photosynthesis thing work without water, Joe?  And those "3-D printers" for tissue repair.  Is that a new HP model, or is it Lexmark?

Of course, the telling line is "Imagine by the time you’re in the position to buy your first home".  Given the debt that the Obama administration has been piling on, that will be way, way far off into the future for these students.  You know, on second thought, given that requirement, the plants and printers may happen first.

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