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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The 52nd Percent Problem

The OC just finished reading a very though provoking post over at House of Eratosthenes.   It talked about something that I had never heard of, nor thought about.  Yet it made so much sense.  For definition:
Here it is, phrased as concisely and precisely as I can manage:

Visionaries within our political class can be sorted out into two groups. Not conservatives vs. liberals, but rather, leaders versus dictators. Our ability to recognize the difference between them, is invested in our opportunity to watch how they conduct their election and re-election campaigns. Leaders value the inspiration within the constituency, the collective will, to become a part of the vision. A dictator cares only about his power to compel the constituency to come along, regardless of, in that moment, whether or not they would choose to. The leader therefore wishes the virtues of his plan to become evident to as many people as possible; a dictator only concerns himself with securing the allegiance, at some critical moment, of a majority.

New paragraph. Tying it all together. Litmus test: A dictator cares a great deal more about capturing the votes of the fifty-first percent, than of the fifty-second. He couldn’t give a rat’s rear end about the fifty-second percent.

End definition.
I had never quite thought about it in that manner.  Please read the entire post at the link above.  You will be happy you did - plus, you'll look at elections in a whole new light.

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