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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The New Deniers

From Steven Hayward at Powerline:
John has already noted what ought to have been above-the-fold news in every newspaper last week—the testimony of the GAO’s head of natural resources that the U.S. has recoverable oil shale “about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves.”  It wasn’t front-page news, however, because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative and favorite talking point that the U.S. only has “2 percent” of proven global oil reserves.

I suggest we start calling such people “hydrocarbon deniers,” since only a puritanical fixation prevents the sensible exploitation of our own energy resources.  (Maybe we should call them “Energy Prohibitionists” as well as “hydrocarbon deniers,” since China and everyone else is going to make use of their hydrocarbon energy.)  And anyone who persists in using the “2 percent” talking point again (that would include President Obama) deserves to be labeled an anti-science ignoramus.
For all the blather about conservative "talking points", it is progressives who have to stick to their narrative.  So much is dependent upon the consistent application of that rigid mantra.  Even notice what happens when facts get in the way of dogma for a progressive?  Yep, the discussion shifts from facts to intentions and ideology.

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