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Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Police

From The Lonely Conservative:

A Utah high school will have to take money from its budget to pay a $15,000 fine to the federal government for leaving a soda vending machine turned on during lunch. Davis High routinely turned off the lunchroom machine during the lunch hour, but forgot to turn off a machine in the library. Somehow the food police got wind of it and the school was punished. What’s ridiculous is that the kids are free to buy soda before lunch, and drink it with lunch, they just can’t buy it during lunch. Thanks to the feds school has lost every cent raised through vending machine sales this year.
A fine for having a vending machine turned on?  This is government run amok, all in the name of protecting you from yourself.  When will America say "Enough is Enough"??

It reminds me of the old line that Popeye used to say before grabbing the spinach: "I've had enough, and enough is too much, I can't stands no more!"

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