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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Follow the money

From Fox News:

Planned Parenthood, endorsing President Obama Wednesday morning, went after Mitt Romney out of the gate with a new ad buy in crucial swing states accusing the Republican candidate of undermining women's rights. 

No, it's not about undermining "women's rights".  It's about the money that goes with that concept.  Planned Parenthood doesn't care about the "rights" of women.  It does care about continuing the gravy train of government funding that keeps the organization in high cotton.  Look at who supports Obama -- those who are getting something.

Follow the money.  Good advice and never more critical than in this election.  Because this is about OPM.  All of these groups and cronies want OPM to become TM.  Other People's Money into Their Money.   And a large and powerful government is just the instrument to coerce that transfer of wealth.

And we won't even touch the issue of abortion.  Not needed - just keep your eye on the Benjamins (as they say in the 'hood).

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