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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fauxcahontas and the bar exam

Seems that Elizabeth Warren has some other interesting qualifications in her background.

First nursing mother.  Did she carry the child to the exam in a papoose?

Of course, this whopper got the official debunking.  From the Boston Herald:

“I was the first nursing mother to take a bar exam in the state of New Jersey,” Warren told an audience at the Chicago Humanities Festival in 2011, in a video posted on the CHF website.

When asked how Warren knows that, her campaign said: “Elizabeth was making a point about the very serious challenges she faced as a working mom — from taking an all-day bar exam when she was still breast-feeding, to finding work as a lawyer that would accommodate a mom with two small children.”

Winnie Comfort of the New Jersey Judiciary, which administers that state’s bar exam, said there’s no way to verify Warren’s claim. Comfort said women have been taking the New Jersey bar exam since 1895, but she’s not aware their nursing habits were ever tracked.
Of course, it doesn't matter whether it is true or not.  What matters, at least to Warren, is that she advances the narrative and talking points of the campaign.  She understands the "working mom".  Yep, a Harvard professor worth millions.  Reminds me of Obama distorting the truth about his mother and grandmother so that they fit his narrative.  And of Bill Clinton saying "I feel your pain."

Frauds.  Each and every one of them.

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