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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just like us

The following was posted to a comment thread on IMAO, then reposted as as standalone post.  It seemed to resonate with me, and I hope it dries home an important point.

Maybe Obama can convince people he’s just like them by writing another memoir.”

Yes, Obama’s just a typical American.

It’s a typical American story of a white communist mother who married a drunken, black, anti-American, communist foreigner who already had other wives he didn’t tell her about. Just like the rest of us, Dad left when he was very young to go chase skirts at Harvard before getting kicked out of the university for basically being too annoying. Then Dad was sent out of the country and died in a drunken car accident, just like most of our dads have.

Then, Mom found some even more radical boyfriends who introduced him to even more typical American traditions like killing and eating dogs and continuing his studies of the Muslim religion in typical American Indonesian schools.

Then, just like most Americans, foreigners and anti-American radicals helped him get into Harvard and paid his way before graduating and living in expensive houses bought for him by anti-American radicals with a political agenda.

And so, when you’ve lived to adulthood without ever having a single accomplishment the obvious next step is to write two autobiographies (or, better yet, have someone else ghost write them for you), just like the rest of us do. Then, after finding legal loop-holes to force his opponents out of the race, his fellow Americans voted him into his corrupt state senate.

And, finally, his typical American life climaxed with the backing of George Soros, a billionaire foreigner who made the bulk of his wealth by causing and investing in the downfall of entire countries’ economies, who bought him the presidency.

What average American couldn’t relate to such a person?

And yet already the campaign machinery is making Romney out to be having a strange upbringing and background.  Was it Vince Lombardi for said the best defense is a good offense??

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