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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Real world example

Of the liberal mindset.  Of "We know better than you how to run your life".

From the folks at Small Dead Animals:

Leftists the world over love to blather on & on about how "conservatives want to control your life". In reality though, its the underlying notion of the Leftist mindset to shape everything around them into their view of Nirvana. This is done, at first, through a never-ending series of Rules & Regulations and Penalties. Here's an example of the "Welcome" sign that greets visitors to the beaches of Santa Monica, California:

How welcoming. No this, no that. My favorite is on the bottom, where you are told you can't walk on the bilk path. And it's the VEHICLE CODE that bans walking.

I see that this is promulgated by the "Open Space Management Division".  Only open space I can see is in that large hole in their heads.

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