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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The circular logic of the MSM

I have stayed away from commenting on the Trayvon Martin death for a number of reasons.  Chief being that too many facts are not known to the public.  That said, this observation really strikes home.

From the Last Refuge:

One of the media narratives you’ll probably see reported upon quite a bit is a recent CNN poll of people’s opinion about whether George Zimmerman should be arrested.

Think about it.   This is how the media justifies their false narrative.  The very opinions they survey are based on what people know about the story.  And where does the majority of that knowledge come from?  Yep, the same media reporting the poll results.

See how that works.  Create a false narrative of guilt by supposition without presenting the facts, then justify your supposition reporting of guilt by citing the poll showing people have the same suppositions.

Never quite thought of it that way.  It's the media version of the self fulfilling prophesy.  And it comes into play in many more situations than just this one.

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