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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Nanny at the Beach

No, not Fran Drescher.  It's the Big Nanny called "Government".

If you haven't heard, Los Angeles County has now banned the throwing of Frisbees and footballs (and other balls) at beaches in the county.  Guess that having fun is too much for the government to stand.

Adam Carolla  is a podcast wonder, cranking out great material time and time again.  Here he expressed what most of us truly believe deep down:

The beach is a great little microcosm of what’s going on with this country. We’re gonna save everybody because God forbid some kid could get hit with a Frisbee or someone could take in second hand smoke or some dog could run across their beach towel. Yes, its true we’ve eliminated every possibility of someone being concussed by a Nerf football, but we’ve also eliminated all possibility of fun.

The beach, which used to be six pack, couple of cigarettes, a Frisbee, your dog and some tunes cranked up … is now, turn the radio down, put the cigarette out, pour the beer out in the sand, put the dog back on the leash, put the Frisbee away and here’s a thousand dollar fine. Better or worse? Is this fucking progress to you?
We should have a fucking beach jam … we all go out to the beach armed with our cigarettes, our beer, our dogs, and our Frisbees … a million strong….
Who decided it was the government’s job to protect us from ourselves? The government fucks everything up they touch. Please stop looking to them to help you. Hope and change?

Stop looking to them to help you.  So true.

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