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Friday, May 04, 2007

Candidate's debate

Much is being written on who won, who lost, who gained ground, who looks good, who needs a new haircut....the usual stuff. My quick view - I wasn't impressed. Too much posturing, too much CYA.

I worry that the Republicans in the field are trying to out-nuance the Democrats, long the masters of such double-talk. Following the polls and trying to appeal to ever-increasing subsectors of the electorate is a losing strategy. Catering to (and throwing money at) special interest blocs is the modus operandi of the Democratic party, and any attempt to emulate that direction is a fool's choice.

What this country needs is a candidate who will speak what he truly believes, lay down a vision for the country's future, and promise to always put the interests of the nation, and thus its people, first. Straight talk (not the Express), no bull, no nuances, no hedging. Here is where I stand, why it is right, and what I am going to do. Figure out how to say it in a few clear and concise paragraphs, then never stop repeating those principles. If the people can't know what you stand for, you'll never win their hearts or their votes.

Reagan did just that. He wasn't a wonk with tons of statistics, or a policy paper on everything, or a new program to throw money out the door. He had something far more compelling - an articulated vision that gave hope and promise for the future. And he delivered.

I'm still looking for that in a declared candidate on the Republican side.

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