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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Sparta

Varifrank has posted a great article entitled More Sparta, Less Athens. Unfortunately, there's no email link on his page, as I wanted permission to reprint the entire piece. So here are a few choice paragraphs:

It seems to me that 'self defense' is not considered an option in polite society. It is time we learned (or relearned) the need to sometimes be a little more "sparta" and a little less "athens".


- Do not consider the feelings of the madman in your acts, his goal is to kill you, your goal is to stop the killing by any means necessary.

If you can disrupt Ann Coulter when she comes to campus or the ROTC when they recruit on campus, you can stop or disrupt a madman when he comes to kill you and your classmates.

Read the whole article and pass it on to those whom you want to stick around. Especially if they are in a "safe" gun-free zone.

UPDATE: Mister Bear at has a post referencing another similar article from Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark. Berg is harsher than Varifrank and right on the money - especially about "officials" in these situations.

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