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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Joe Biden, it's Katie on line 1

Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters has the story on perky Katie and her childhood library days. The only problem is, the words aren't Katie's and neither it the original thought.

Ed has the same view that I do....that Katie is an empty suit (though definitely a well-tailored one) with no background as a journalist. She's that cute, perky face that just makes you want to believe everything that comes out of her mouth. Blecchh!!

He caps off his post with this conclusion:

The irony comes from the fact that even with all of these efforts to build Katie into a reporter, the public still finds Couric and CBS less than credible. Her ratings tanked shortly after joining CBS as the anchor as the Tiffany Network switched to softer news on her arrival. Now that the plagiarism has pulled back the green curtain, Couric is exposed as an empty suit -- emptier even than her colleagues on network news broadcasts. She's the new gold standard for phoniness.

Read the whole thing in The Empty Suit Parade.

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