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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From a VT Student

From an op-ed in the Roanoke (VA) Times:

Of all of the emotions and thoughts that were running through my head that morning, the most overwhelming one was of helplessness.

That feeling of helplessness has been difficult to reconcile because I knew I would have been safer with a proper means to defend myself.

I would also like to point out that when I mentioned to a professor that I would feel safer with my gun, this is what she said to me, "I would feel safer if you had your gun."

This was written by a VT student who was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. However, carrying a weapon is forbidden on the VT campus, with the possibility of expulsion as punishment. So, this student (who carries on a regular basis elsewhere in his daily life) was unarmed. And helpless. Who knows how many others were in the same position. And how many victims as well.

Read his entire op-ed HERE. H/T to Instapundit.

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