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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What rights??

Jay Tea, over at Wizbang, has a superb post - We hold these rights not to be self-evident. I've always been dismayed over the continual expansion of "rights", both by the courts and legislatures, and in the popular culture. The right to birth control somehow was found in the Constitution in Griswold, as was the right to an abortion in Roe. I don't want to argue whether or not adults should be able to do either of those -- what I do object to is the way those "rights" were constructed out of a Constitution that is mute on those subjects.

Anyhow, Jay talks about five "rights" that he disagrees with. I say that he is spot on with all five. I especially agree with his first - the right not to be offended. I'm so glad that got skewered.

Read the whole article and see if you agree that all five deserve a quick and final death (as unlikely as that might be to actually occur).

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