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Sunday, January 15, 2006

She gets no respect from me

From a post at RedState about today's Sunday morning talk shows:

On FTN, John McCain declared the FEC to be "corrupt" and suggested nuclear power as the way to rid ourselves of the Greenhouse gases we must first admit are a problem. Same show, Diane Feinstein said that Judge Alito was qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. Qualified candidates should not be kept off the court, she added, simply because Senators disagree with them. She did mention that she will vote against Alito's confirmation because she's sick of the Rehnquist Court.
OK....explain this logic to me. 1) Alito is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. And 2) Qualified candidates shouldn't be denied confirmation just because you disagree with them. Thus 3), even so, I'm voting against him because of the "Rehnquist Court".

Correct me if I'm wrong but REHNQUIST IS DEAD. Part of the liberal mantra is to bring up the ghosts of conservatives past and make them the bogeymen to blame for all of America's ills. For a while, (and still an old reliable standby) it was Joseph McCarthy. Never mind that he was proven to be correct about Communist infiltration of the government (see the Venona files for documentation). Now it seems the focus will be to blame Rehnquist.

If anything, it should be more properly referred to as the "O'Connor Court", due to her fence-straddling approach to the law, and it's disproportionate influence on the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Anyhow, Feinstein demonstrates that it doesn't matter what the facts are - she'll still do whatever it takes to cater to her supporting interest groups. And in the process, she shows that she truly belongs on the Judiciary committee.....right alongside Kennedy, Schumer and Biden and their equally strong commitment to logic and principle.

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